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Please read the terms and conditions carefully prior using this mobile application . By using this mobile application, you agree to the terms and conditions below.


You agree that mGas service, including but not limited to mGas products, graphics, user interface, editorial content, scripts and software used to implement the mGas service, contains proprietary information and material that is owned to  Muscat Gas or its licensors, and is protected by  the  intellectual property rights  including but not limited to copyright and other laws,. You agree that you will not use such proprietary information or materials in any way whatsoever except for the use of the mGas service in compliance of this agreement

This mobile app is intended to facilitate, the communication, contact and delivery between those wishing to purchase gas cylinders and the delivery driver or seller through orange trucks.

This mobile app is intended to provide the sales and delivery of gas cylinders, empty cylinders, regulators and other spare parts. The user of this mobile application is able to make payments via online payment through this mobile application or by cash to the owner of the orange trucks.


Since the purpose of this mobile application is to facilitate the contact between the customer and the orange truck owner for the sale of gas cylinders, mGas, as a developer of this the mobile application, is  not responsible for the time and means of delivery of gas cylinders, nor liable for any difficulties one’s may suffer or arises from the sale. Further, mGas  is not liable for the weight, size, kind and all means concerning the offered or sold gas cylinders.

The users of this mobile application are advised to know that, its purpose is just to make life easier for them by contacting the orange truck that sells gas cylinders and nothing else. mGas do not bear  any liability on sale and purchase arrangements between the customers and orange trucks. mGas further do not bear any liability directly  or indirectly  for  any damages or consequential losses that may arise as a result of this mobile application use. mGas also do not bear  any responsibility for this mobile application misuse with regard to the Information Technology laws of Oman. it should be noted  that mGas shall keep the user’s information highly confidential and shall only disclose  them by a government order from any  concerned authority, by a court order, or by the venture of law .

Copyright Rights 2020

Copyright of this mobile app and its contents is owned by Muscat Gases SAOG

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