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"Your environment is your responsibility" .. Muscat Municipality launches a campaign for public sanitation

Yesterday, Wednesday, Muscat Municipality organized a cleaning campaign under the title "Your environment is your responsibility". This is in cooperation with the "Muscat Gas" company in the Seeb Beach area, with the participation of a number of volunteers, and a number of media professionals and social activists.

The campaign aims to consolidate environmental awareness among community members and the importance of effective partnership in the field of preserving the environment, and taking care of natural resources and tourist sites, including beaches and public places intended by visitors and visitors, and to address some unacceptable behaviors represented in throwing waste and staying in beaches and tourist sites.

Fayez bin Muftah Al Nuaimi, the assistant engineer at the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Muscat Municipality, said: The campaign aims to spread awareness among the various segments of society. To preserve the Omani environment, specifically the beaches, the campaign focuses on limiting the spread of the phenomena of throwing waste in places not designated for it and roasting on green spaces and clarifying the damages caused by these phenomena. Video clips and awareness messages have been prepared to be published on social media with the aim of spreading awareness to The largest possible number of community members, and the campaign is not limited to cleaning a number of vital sites but goes beyond that to take care of the beauty of the place and to take care of the cleanliness of the environment, and to consolidate the concepts of the educational environment in the hearts of individuals.

The campaign activities included cleaning the green spaces and sandy areas along the beach from all debris, distortions, and harmful plants, and placing them in the places designated for them.

A number of social media influencers, media professionals and social activists participated in the campaign. Among the most prominent of them are Saif Al-Fouri, Hafeez Ja'boub, Suleiman Awlad Thani, Awad Al-Hashimi, Dr. Ahmed Murad, and Mazen Al-Wahaibi.

Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Azri, head of the awareness programs department at the Media and Awareness Department, said that the Media and Awareness Department represented by the Community Partnership Department pays great attention to the phenomena prevalent in the Governorate of Muscat and some wrong practices related to hygiene and tampering, and has a great role in educating the public about the importance of maintaining a clean environment and tampering with facilities General and achievements. He added that the media and awareness role is represented in several aspects; Most notably: the formulation of awareness messages that are published on the social media sites of the official account of the municipality of Muscat through which the public is urged to preserve public facilities from any tampering or sabotage, maintain their cleanliness and clarify the legal aspects of them, which are represented in multiple methods; These include: designing educational and legal cards, preparing infographics that illustrate the damages of this phenomenon, in addition to using "motion graphics" and preparing videos in an educational teaser.